the Alameda Music Project

100% of the money from the sales of The String Arcade will go to the Alameda Music Project. Here is some more info on this program, and you can visit their site at alamedamusicproject.org. Check out the video on this page as well.

Alameda Music Project (AMP), is a high-quality, music education program that will be launching in September 2014 with a pilot program at Maya Lin School—Alameda’s first arts-integrated magnet school.


The AMP initiative is inspired by El Sistema an international music education program developed in 1975 in Venezuela by Dr. José Antonio Abreu.AMP strives to be a fun and creative approach to learning music in a positive, collaborative setting where every child can thrive. In its first year, the after school program will offer instruction in string ensemble, percussion and choir for up to 75 children in K–5th grade, five days a week.


In future years, additional instruments and school locations will be expanded. The goal is to have a citywide youth orchestra.


Program fundamentals include:

Musicianship classes

Trained teaching artists using singing, drumming and dancing to engage kids’ interest while teaching vital musical concepts. Learning how to read and write music is also incorporated during the first years.


Instrument instruction

K-1st grade - children are introduced to their first instruments, starting with the recorder and percussion. They also join a choir in order to build community through ensemble work. By 2nd grade, all students can choose their first string instrument to learn. Children in older grades will be introduced to string instruments within weeks of beginning the program.


Youth orchestras teach more than music.

An ensemble-based music program promotes teamwork, helps develop language skills and instills life skills of discipline and responsibility. Studies show a direct correlation between music training and increased comprehension in reading and math.


Full-tuition scholarships will be awarded to all students wishing to participate.

The commitment asked of students is to attend every day, be devoted to the program and try their best. Students will also be provided nutritional snacks and have time allotted for homework assistance.


AMP Mission

To provide an opportunity where all children—regardless of circumstances— can thrive socially and academically through music education that promotes creative expression, teamwork, discipline and social responsibility.


AMP Vision

Every child deserves the opportunity realize the benefits from music education. The Alameda Music Project will be a youth orchestra and choir servicing the Alameda/East Bay community by:

• Uniting our community around a shared vision.

• Never placing limits on what a child can do.

• Developing a life-long love of learning, discovery and reflection.

• Engaging and persisting individually and collectively to reach a common goal.

• Promoting creative expression in a safe, nurturing environment.

• Fostering self-confidence and pride in every young musician.

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