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The CD is a 6 panel digipak (cardboard cover with plastic tray). The CD includes 2 bonus songs

not found on the digital download (TRON Arcade and Altered Beast) with wonderful artwork by the talented Eunjung June Kim!

Remember that 100% of the sales generated by this recording goes to the Alameda Music Project (alamedamusicproject.org), an after school, K-5 free music program focusing on strings, percussion and voice!

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by Simon Carless


It's odd how familiar melodies in surprising circumstances can make you grin. But it's less strange how to realize that beautifully arranged, spectacularly played music can transcend even its original medium and become something to be savored standalone. And thanks to the String Arcade Players, we get a soundtrack album to remember - one that soars around the history of video games and creates a cohesive whole from spectacularly diverse sources.


From the delicate pizzicato kicking off 'Sonic 2 Scherzo' to the almost Russian strut of 'Altered Beast Title Theme' to Portal 2's 'Turret Suite', you're taken on a veritable rollercoaster of genres, ages and styles of video game. Ironically, from limitations in the original hardware, the cello, viola and violins create their very own limitations of tone and melody - but the richness of songs like 'Dance Of The Space Bugs' (for Galaga) far outpaces the depth of those rudimentary arcade beeps and bleeps, creating something soulful and very real.


If you enjoy video games at all, then please join me in thanking the String Arcade Players, the Videri String Quartet (who perform the Zelda medley), and Dren McDonald for putting this whole wonderful project together and doing the majority of the arrangements (with 4 by Jason Poss!)


- Simon Carless (Video game historian, writer)

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